As an animal and plant expert who knows nature well, we provide total support for corporate environmental conservation activities and the creation of regional environments.

We propose the best fitted services and combinations to solve our customers problems.

Nature Surveys

Examples/Case Studies (jap.)

Photo: Natural Landscape

We will assess where, what, and how many animals and plants are present and elucidate the connections they have between each other.

Nature Visualization

Examples/Case Studies

Photo: Image Analysis

We visualize the results of the animals and plant surveys as maps, that are easy to understand for anyone. We will also give guidance for accurate strategies and the implementation of viable measures.

Wildlife Damage

Examples/Case Studies (jap.)

Photo: Wildlife Damage

In order to prevent wildlife damage, we will investigate the number of animals, identify habitats, assess the damage situation, share the information within the community and will consult of which measures to take.

Environmental Education

Examples/Case Studies (jap.)

Photo: Environmental Education

Getting to know nature and broaden awareness of environmental problems will help shape Japan in the future. This knowledge can also support corporate environmental conservation activities.

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