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Information Security Policy

1. Basic Philosophy and Purpose

Regional Environmental Planning Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "our company"), while providing and managing information and education about nature and environment, handles highly sensitive information, such as important business related information and personal information. We strive to protect these information and information systems from various threats, in order to maintain the trust of our customers and maintain their competitiveness.

In order to illustrate our basic idea and direction for ensuring information security, we have established an information security policy. All employees who handle information must recognize the importance of information security and comply with this policy.

2. Scope of Application

The scope of application of the information security policy is defined as follows.

(1) Information
  • Information provided in writing.
  • Digitized information.
  • Corporate documents created by our company (including those in the middle of work).
  • Information obtained from others.
  • Personal information.
(2) Information System
  • Hardware, software, and networks for processing information electronically.
  • Documents required for operation management and maintenance of information systems.
(3) Employees
  • Staff employed by our company, who handle the information and information systems.

3. Maintaining Information Security Standards and Continuous Response

In order to maintain the security level appropriately in the future in response to changes surrounding information and information technology, we regularly review information security-related rules, and add items and contents as necessary.

4. Compliance with Information Security related Laws and Regulations

When our company and its employees implement information security measures, they must comply with information security-related laws and regulations such as the Personal Information Protection Law and the Unauthorized Access Prohibition Law.

5. Penalties

If an employee violates the basic information security policy and related rules, he /she may be punished based on our employment rules.

May 1, 2014
Regional Environmental Planning Inc.
President Satoshi Takatsuka

Declared IPA SECURITY ACTION(two stars)

INFORMATION-TECHNOLOGY PROMOTION AGENCY, JAPAN(IPA)SECURITY ACTION SECURITY ACTION is a system created by INFORMATION-TECHNOLOGY PROMOTION AGENCY, JAPAN (IPA) so that Small and medium-sized enterprises ourselves declare for information security measures in order to realize a safe and secure IT society. We declared SECURITY ACTION (two stars) and working on them.

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