Chiikan's Strengths

Chiikan's Strengths

Chiikan, as a civil engineering consultant dealing with the natural environment, is one of the largest regional environmental planning companies in Japan.
We are known for our extensive knowledge of nature, excellent support for corporate environment and CSR activities and an intimate understanding of the local environments from our branches all over Japan. As a group of experts in nature and environmental conservation, Regional Environmental Planning Inc. always pursues the best results for nature and people.

Chiikan is a group of nature specialists.

Chiikan is a group of nature specialists. We provide a wide range of services such as environmental surveys, GIS (Geographic Information System) data analysis and consulting.


Chiikan has a wide network of 7 locations nationwide.


Chiikan has a wide network of 7 locations nationwide.
We make full use of various networks to understand the characteristics
of local communities and regions.

Chiikan can provide strategic consulting from the perspective of «environment ← → business«.

Based on our many years of experience, we are able to provide the services our customers desire. We will solve your problems and realize your goals.

Environmental & CSR Solutions

We worked with ministries and private sector companies and gained a reputation among our customers, who recommend us with the saying «If it's about nature, ask Chiikan.«

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We have many specialists all over the country. We work with customers from various positions such as government offices, NPOs and other organizations, private companies, and schools.
The most important thing for Chiikan is to earn the trust of our customers through our work. Therefore, we provide high quality up-to-date information and manage the information securely. We receive a high evaluation of our work from our customers and we are also highly recommended for our work regarding nature and sustainability.

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