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A Message from our President

Satoshi Takatsuka

Greetings from Japan. Regional Environmental Planning Inc. was established in 1981 as a research and consulting company on issues concerning natural environment. Since then, based on our company's mission statement of "building communities living in harmony with all living being", we have been focusing on researching and studying animals and plants, environmental education and environmental restoration. In addition, we started marketing GIS software and analyzing ecological data based on GIS in 1999, as we realized the great potential of GIS technology.

It is needless to say that in order to maintain and preserve a healthy regional and global environment, we need to not only use natural science, but also take other approaches based on engineering, education, economics, philosophy and etc. Therefore, while continuing to give our first priority to enhance our specialty and techniques in the areas where our expertiselies, we will also strive to make our practice broad based and contribute in more aspects.

Satoshi Takatsuka
President, Regional Environmental Planning Inc.

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