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Environmental Declaration 2022(5/2021~4/2024)

Basic Principles

Regional Environmental Planning Inc. recognizes that conservation of the global environment, ecosystems, and biodiversity is one of the most important issues common to all humankind. The whole organization will make efforts to reduce environmental impact and burden and to protect the environment. In addition, we will make the best use of our strenghts and strive to contribute to society, especially to the conservation of the ecosystem and biodiversity.


Regional Environmental Planning Inc. strives to reduce the environmental impact of all activities, services and products related to operations (environmental surveys, project planning, consulting and sales of wildlife damage countermeasure products, etc.). We aim to contribute to the conservation of the global environment, ecosystems, and biodiversity and the creation of communities that coexist with nature by promoting environmental management activities based on the following policies. In addition, we aim to further establish our basic philosophy by sharing the results of our self-evaluation within the company.

  • We are always aware of the environmental impact of our activities, services and products. We will promote the prevention of environmental destruction, environmental pollution, deterioration of ecosystems and biodiversity, and environmental conservation, and continuously improve our environmental management activities. Environmental conservation includes the use of sustainable resources, mitigation of climate change and adaptation to climate change.
  • We will comply with environmental legal and other requirements relating to our activities, services and products.
  • Among the environmental impacts related to our activities, services and products, we will work on the following items as environmental improvement targets.
    • Reduce the amount of disposable batteries used.
    • Have correct knowledge about the impact on ecosystems and biodiversity when conducting activities such as field surveys, and acquire methods that minimize the impact on the natural environment.
    • We will carry out greening activities around our offices to create a safe, resilient and sustainable urban space.
    • Promote CSR initiatives at every office.
    • Steadily implement energy conservation and reduce electricity consumption in our offices.
    • Use recycled paper conforming to the Law on Promoting Green Purchasing for the paper used in our offices as much as possible.
  • We will make this environmental declaration known to all employees and make it available to the general public so that everyone can actively participate in the reduction of the environmental burden. In order to achieve the above, we will set goals, review them regularly, and promote an environmental management system.

Revised on May 1, 2022
Regional Environmental Planning Inc.
President Satoshi Takatsuka

KES Environmental Management System Certificate
KES Environmental Management System Certification

Regional Environmental Planning Inc. acquired the KES Environmental Management System certification in November 2013. We will fulfill our social responsibilities by implementing environmental and biodiversity conservation initiatives in our corporate activities.

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